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Ashley Moody


2D and Stop Motion Animator with teaching experience


Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

My goal is to work as a 2D or stop motion character animator for features or television. Eventually I wish to give that back into teaching traditional animation.

I’m seeking an entry-level position at an animation studio, primarily because of my familiarity with animation principles and my strong character acting ability. I have training in TV Paint, Photoshop, and Dragonframe, just to name a few software examples.

I’m always ready and willing to do new things as they come up. For example, I introduced animation programs at both the Natural History Museum in LA and the Tech Museum in San Jose. Both of those positions involved a little of teaching animation to the public and a lot of communicating with others, so being great at working on a team is one more quality I bring to a position.

I mentioned introducing animation programs at science museums, and that’s because I’m very passionate about the craft. As I told Henry Selick when I was lucky enough to meet him at CTN, seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas as a child made me want to work in animation. To this day I still think of Jack Skellington’s “Confound it all, I love it though!” quote to motivate me through graduate school! Growing up watching gorgeous films like The Lion King, The Last Unicorn, and Anastasia made me want to study 2D animation specifically so I could hone my drawing skills and keep the beautiful tradition alive. Ideally I’d like to work for larger studios, but I’d also be really happy working for smaller studios. No matter how big or small a project is, I work hard to help make it come alive so that traditional animation continues to thrive.